Fantasy 3-Gun for Vortex Shootout 2021


This is your entry into the first Fantasy 3-Gun League event, the Vortex Shootout 2021.

Note that this is a digital product, you will not receive a physical item unless you win a prize.



Purchase an entry to the first 3-Gun Show Fantasy 3-Gun League!

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  1. The goal of this game is to have fun. Please have fun.
  2. Pick three competitors from each division.
  3. Fill in the form below & hit submit.
  4. Add this product to your cart & checkout. Maybe pick up a t-shirt while you’re here. 🙂


Points are awarded based on the match finish of the competitors that you chose. Only the top 10 in each division can earn points. If a competitor places higher than their handicap, they are worth double points. (see below for competitor handicaps) If a non-handicapped competitor places in the top ten, they are worth double points. Handicaps lower than three (3) are not eligible for double points.

Place Points
1st 15
2nd 9
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1

Fantasy League Prizes:

  • First League Player to sign up gets a 3-Gun Show PMAG & Baseball Cap plus a Vortex Skallywag Tactical Folding Knife
  • More Players mean more prizes!
  • If 20 people sign up to play, we will add a Match Pack of 2011 Magazines (5) thanks to Atlas Gun Works
  • If 40 people sign up to play, we will add a $500 Gift Cert (MSRP) toward a Vortex Scope thanks to Vortex Optics
  • If 60 people sign up to play, we will add an IWI firearm (TBD) thanks to IWI
  • Fantasy League winners will choose their prize in order of finish
  • In the event of a Tie, whomever signed up first will be the winner

Competitors for you to choose from (signed up for the match as of podcast recording):

First Name Last Name Division
Ross Sport Open
Dillen Easley Open
Julz James Tactical Optic
Joshua Wasielczyk Open
Dustin Green Tactical Optic
Craig Steffek Open
Dave Horn Tactical Optic
Darin Cepeda Limited
Ashlynne Thomas Tactical Optic
Kyleigh Hayworth Tactical Optic
Mike Pietersz Open
Justin Morris Open
Dan Hachenberger Tactical Optic
Jay James Open
Britton Morris Tactical Optic
Steven Young Tactical Optic
Richard Boyes Heavy Optic
Amy Horn Tactical Optic
Gregory Sonnen Open
Sully Taylor Open
Roland Wolf Open
Brian Moon Tactical Optic
Wes Etheredge Open
Cole Closs Tactical Optic
Lonn Laursen Open
Taylor Ohlhausen Tactical Optic
Ben Jirasek Tactical Optic
Daniel Jirasek Tactical Optic
Jeremy Cantwell Tactical Optic
Kevin Harrington Open
Brett Norvell Tactical Optic
Nathan Day Tactical Optic
Peter Long Heavy Optic
Shafter Williams Open
Christopher Shea Tactical Optic
Sam Larkin Open
Jason Tielke Tactical Optic
Jake Hayes Tactical Optic
Jason Hubbard Tactical Optic
Trey Ratliff Tactical Optic
Luis Ruiz Tactical Optic
Jason Bauman Tactical Optic
james tonkinson Tactical Optic
Andrew Tarver Tactical Optic
Alex Sandoval Open
Brian Weiland Tactical Optic
Shane Kester Tactical Optic
Steven Madrid Open
Josiah Olmstead Tactical Optic
Jay Christiansen Open
Lance Dingler Tactical Optic
Zach Webster Tactical Optic
Ralph Chu Open
JC Clay Tactical Optic
Cody Hobza Tactical Optic
Delaine Taylor Tactical Optic
Bruce Taylor Open
Danny Styles Tactical Optic
Taylor Latham Open
Adam Marlowe Open
Kent Kirkwood Open
Cody Edgeworth Tactical Optic
Kim Tran Tactical Optic
Kasee Taylor Tactical Optic
Atticus Taylor Tactical Optic
Nick Miller Tactical Optic
Benjamin Wright Tactical Optic
kevin kangeter Open
Robert Vlastelica Tactical Optic
Chris Taylor Heavy Optic
Nate Heinrichs Open
Rachel Carmickle Limited
Bill Carmickle Heavy Optic
Richard Saunders Open
Justin Inman Tactical Optic
Grady Simmons Open
kirk stidham Open
Wayne Lovett Tactical Optic
Kyle Tanner Tactical Optic
Andy Schumacher Open
Jerry Miculek Open
Dalton Young Tactical Optic
Chris Thomas Tactical Optic
Ernesto Rodriguez Limited
Daniel Siems Tactical Optic
Houston Russell Tactical Optic
Joel Turner Open
Nate Staskiewicz Tactical Optic
Dianna Muller Open
Ryan Muller Open
Buddy Raney Open
RJ Deaver Tactical Optic
Blayne Cowan Tactical Optic
David Reif Heavy Optic
logan Toland Tactical Optic
Reanna Kadic Tactical Optic
kirk stidham Open
Kris Hammerstrom Open

Handicapped Competitors:

Competitor Division Previous Finish Handicap
Jirasek, D Tac Ops 4, 2, 1, 1 2
Jirasek, B Tac Ops 8, 5 6
Saunders Tac Ops 6 6
Steffek Tac Ops 5, 8 6
Heinrichs Tac Ops 4 4
Christiansen Open 10, 7, 4 5
Gill Open 4, 2, 2 2
Harrington Open 10 10
Easley Open 5, 1 4

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